Monday, August 25, 2008

But the Vet Doesn't Have to Live Here

(Warning! If you are not a Mom, if you hate dogs, or if you are known to swoon at the mention of body functions, scroll on down past the second picture of Tandi.)

I had such high hopes for the 5 nights off. My list was up to the elbow with things I wanted to accomplish, which should have alerted me right then and there.

Saturday night, after the Olympic highlights went off, I decided to scrub the kitchen floor. J-Man was in bed, Tandi was in her crate, and hey, it was only 1 am or so. And the floor was in dire need of attention, water conservation aside.

Tandi woke and whimpered and scratched to be let out, but I thought it was because she heard me up and around, since she generally stays in her crate 8-10 hours at night. But she persisted and I let her out, threatening all sorts of rudeness if she danced across my newly cleaned floor. She was sincere, and after coming back inside, I heard her snoring within a few minutes. It was 4am when I finally went to bed. I missed the second alert that this was not to be a satisfactory weekend.

(Last chance to back out of this post with your dignity intact.)

By 2 pm Sunday afternoon, Tandi was going out every couple of hours. Now she was straining and bleeding. Her nose was still cool and moist, she was only a little mopey, and her appetite was good. I left a message on the vet's office machine about 7 pm, thinking someone might come in to check their boarders and call me. They didn't. Thinking they might need to examine her under anesthesia, I took up her food and water by midnight. Sometime after 2 am I fell into a fitful sleep on the couch, with one ear open in case she needed to go out--which she did, several times.

About 7:15, J-Man woke me up to ask me why I was asleep on the couch.

He has had few such near-death experiences in his lifetime.

The vet's office called me about 8:30 and said they could see Tandi this afternoon, but the gal must have heard the concern in my voice, because she let it be known that Dr. M would be starting his surgeries around 11:30 and they couldn't take walk-ins after that. I had my gal in within 20 minutes. The vet kept her all day.

It's my fault. I bought one of those rotisserie chickens from the grocery store Saturday for supper, and for the first time, gave her some of the chicken skin. Dr. M said since that part of the chicken was highest in fat and protein, it upset and inflamed her gastrointestinal tract and gave her a mild case of pancreatitis. She had bloodwork done to confirm it, got IV fluids, and was put on a special diet for the next 3 days, along with antibiotics twice daily. If she's not better by Thurs, I'm to call him.

"Oh, yes," he told me. She's probably going to have loose stools for another day or so. I could give her something to stop it, but my feeling is she needs to get it out of her body."

Just when I thought it was safe to sell my stock in the paper towel company. And white vinegar.

You'd think I'd have accomplished more than I did, while she was at the vet's. I kept watching where I stepped, because she likes to hang out in the sewing room when I'm busy--especially beside the ironing board and the cutting table--and I usually have to be careful not to step on her. As freely as I could move in there today, it just didn't seem natural, being in there without her. I didn't get much done until she got home, and then we headed in there together after supper.

She was all tuckered out and fell asleep almost immediately. I was all tuckered out and tried not to.

So this is what I worked on today:

Our little quilting group is doing a BOM and since I've missed several meetings, I am way behind. Today I finished two more blocks, making that 3 of nine that are done. There will be 3 more blocks handed out next month, as Oct. is a field trip, and Nov. we will discuss assembling it.

I've had this fabric for years; don't remember when or where I bought it, and I don't care for it much anymore, but since the blocks only require 3 fabrics, I decided these would do. (The color isn't quite right in the picture--that's more of a dusty rose and country blue.) I'll probably make it a community quilt anyway, and there is bound to be someone out there who is into pastels.

After making the first 2 blocks, I realized I didn't like the color placement very much, but didn't want to go to the hassle of redoing them. So I calculated--there are 6 different options for color placement, and there will be 12 blocks; ergo, I can make two in each set. I'm not sure what I will do for sashing, but I'm thinking the pale cream will not look good as an outer border, so I may make 3 in each of 4 color placements. Any opinions?

Well, my eyes are about to cross and I am anticipating another night of sofa-sleeping, so I need to call it quits.

I'm hoping the vet is exaggerating the timeline.

And J-Man better be a fast learner.


MouseChirpy said...

Poor Tandy, she looks so wiped out. I'm sorry to hear that she's not well. I know exactly what you are going through. Over the last couple of days, Mouse has been leaving me "presents" in different locations around the house(so unlike himself). I suspect that something is not right. I'm watching him closely. It's a wonder that you've been able to sneak in a little sewing time. Your blocks are as beautiful as always. I wish Tandy well, and you too!
Take care.

Pat said...

Sorry to hear your Tandi is not well...hope she feels better faster. Our Daisy dog has been barfing all day yesterday since pick up from the kennel. I was boiling hamburg and rice last night at 10:30 to help ease her quesy stomach. So far today she has kept everything down!
Hope you and Tandi can sleep tonight.