Thursday, August 07, 2008

Taking up the Challenge

Mighty Mom over at My Wonderful Life wants to see just how many bag ladies are out there. So come on, all you old bags--show yourselves!

This hangs on the closet door in my sewing room and holds my hand-me-down MP3 player and headphones. I got it during a fabric shop hop:

Inside the closet, on the right are 3 currently empty project bags. The one on the left is one of two purse/bags made for me by a an old friend.

On the other side of the medicine cart I keep in the closet are two more bags:

The blue plaid one, bought with its mate at a yard sale, holds embroidery hoops. The small canvas one, with my hospital's logo on it, holds Tandi's Frontline and HeartGuard:

Underneath these are three bags in a pile:

The small bag on top is a Coke Rewards backpack that I use as Tandi's travel bag:

The straw bag holds an old velvet dress of DD's, and other items I will be cutting up for a crazy quilt one day. On the bottom of the pile is a bag holding styrofoam balls, sequins, etc. for Christmas ornaments:

Way over in the corner is a small canvas bag that holds a few colored glass bottles I used to have on a window shelf years ago:

This bag has items from our last quilt meeting.

It's one of 5 I bought from Fabric Depot on sale. Two were given as gifts to our monthly hostesses, I use the red one myself, and the other two (starred bag and fleur-de-lis) are waiting for recipients. The small bag in the center of this photo I just received for completing a survey from the sewing machine table people:

Under my sewing table, I have several bags of batting, with bags inside of bags:

I also have two old cosmetic display bags stashed underneath, both of which hold Christmas fabric:

The floral bag I bought last fall at a church yard sale gets used a lot because it's so big, but right now it only holds the comfort quilt top I started for my dearest friend:

Next to it is one of those zippered plastic bags that hold blankets, and it has DD's string quilt and the border and backing fabric.

In front of that is a large paper shopping bag that holds some Christmas bags I've made, and the drapery fabric J-Man suggested I use for more bags. It also hides some Christmas presents!

Some of my bags as well as a few baskets have baggies of smaller projects in progress, or pulled fabrics and patterns waiting to be assembled:

Here are other bags I use, but aren't in the sewing room right now:

This is a stack of what were to be drawstring "pill bags", made for a group of healthcare providers who volunteer every year in 3rd world countries. But our online quilting group made so many the last two years, they didn't need any more this year, so here they sit until I decide what else I can do with them.

And lastly, the backpack I take to work. It's large enough to hold a bag of projects along with other supplies, should I ever get time at work to do anything!

So I think I've outbagged Mighty Mom, but then, I've had a few more years to collect them!

How about you? Are you a bag lady too? Show us!


MightyMom said...

wow, I may have to bag it!

I think you out-bagged me!

OH, we didn't count the bags under our eyes from working nights!!



(yes, I spelled it on purpose)

MouseChirpy said...

Oh my, dear girl, you really are a bag lady! LOL I will confess that I am one too. A gal can never have too many.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yep,I'm a bag lady.
I have them hanging in my closets, just like MM.
I have canvas, plastic, and synthetic. I love them. I want an oilcloth bag. As if I need one. yeah.