Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tandi Update

My Tandi-Tot is feeling much better today; the meds are working. She didn't want to take them at first--she licked the peanut butter off the chewable and spit it out, but took it a little later. For the probiotic, I rolled it in a bit of sliced American cheese, which she managed to unroll and separate from the pill. Clever little girl. The second time I smushed it better and it went down.

I made another run to the store for paper towels and vinegar, but didn't need them. Only one bout of the poops today, but my carpet is now in dire need of cleaning. As soon as I can bring home some boxes and pack away tapes and books and figurines, I'll get our carpet cleaner over to do the whole living room/dining room/hall area. I don't dare have anyone over til then.

I have never seen a dog who loves her toys as much as Tandi does. I keep them in a basket on the floor so she can pull them out and design her own obstacle course whenever she wants. Her favorite is a squeaky football with little spines that looks like a toxic strawberry that I got for a whopping dollar at the grocery store. She carries it around in her mouth and squeaks it when she's particularly happy, sort of like a four-legged Clarabell the Clown.

Second to that is a squeaky frog I also found at the grocery store.

She felt so bad this weekend, her toys stayed in their basket, until I heard a famliar squeak tonight. She's almost back to her old self, though she still tires easily.

Oh, and the rains started. Hurray! I know Florida is weary of Fay, but we in the mountains are setting an extra place at the table for her. It started raining last night and has continued all day today. It's supposed to keep raining through the night, then begin to slacken off during the day tomorrow. This weekend is the Apple Festival so we're hoping it's dry and pretty for a while before Gustav stirs up a little moisture our way next week. I wish I could go, but it's Crappy Schedule Week, so I'll just have to hang my apples by the front door and just dream of the Honey Crisps, because they won't last the weekend.


MouseChirpy said...

I'm so happy to hear that Tandy is doing much better. She looks pretty bright and chipper when she's playing with her favorite toys. I hope she continues to get better and better.
Good luck with the rain. Rain is good, especially when it is slow and steady. Too much, too fast can be an awful thing.
Take care.

MightyMom said...

poor poopy puppy is pooped.

glad all's better.

Jacquie said...

it's been a tough week. glad things are looking up!

Libby said...

Yeah - glad to know that Tandy is feeling better. We do worry about our pups *s*

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better.

gardenymph said...

What a sweet looking doggie! We would like to get a dog one day down the road, but I would like to wait until our youngest is potty trained. I have to deal with enough poop as it is! ;~)