Wednesday, December 31, 2008

iPod Fame

I'm heading over to Best Buy today to spend the $30.00 Rewards Certificate from buying the computer back in August. It expires Jan. 9, and I'm darned if I'm going to let thirty bucks slip through my fingers. I've decided to get either a set of speakers for my new iPod, or one of those radios that you can plug it into.
(Can you tell I've been brainwashed by all the accessories available for iPods? Never saw them before I owned one!)

In my sewing room I have a huge boom box that J-Man gave me a couple of years ago, and it's nice in that it plays audiocassettes as well, (and I still have a bazillion of those), but it's way larger than what I really wanted. A smaller one would be easier to maneuver and leave more room for something else up there.

In preparation for this re-arranging, I've started downloading all my CDs onto the iTunes program DD was kind enough to get started on our computer. My plan is to create different playlists, such as Music to Sew By and Exercise Music (ummm, yeah,) and Halloweeny Haunted Stuff and Dentist's Chair Escape songs.

Now, Pinky's comment gave me an idea : I'd like to add a Bloggers' Favorites playlist, too! This could be a really weird mix, but what I'd love for you to do is to let me know your favorite song, (or version of it), favorite group, or something that would represent you. There must be a way to label it to show which reader suggested it so I can think of you when it comes along.

What do you say? Wanna be memorialized in my iPod?


Anonymous said...

oooo, cool! Let me think today and I'll get back to you. This sounds like fun!

I need to make time to transfer my music into my mp3 player.

Libby said...

I know what you mean . . . . we resisted getting an iPod all together. But before we knew it, we had an iTouch and not one, but two iHome docking stations *s* Yeah, I call myself a sell-out all the time.

I think the best album ever recorded is Joan Osborne's Relish. But what self-respecting child of the 70's with a deep love of all things southern rock wouldn't pick Lynard Skynard's - Pronounced Lynard Skynard? My favorite song on that album is Simple Man . . . . but my all-time favorite Skynard song is The Ballad of Curtis Lowe from their Second Helping album
Too much information?

jacquie said...

defying gravity or dancing through life from WICKED. you choose....they're my 2 fav songs and both are me! what do you think?

Catherine said...

So far I've still resisted an iPod -- but I find myself looking at them more and more in the stores!
My favourite song? It's so hard to choose!! It's a toss-up between Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the Wagner Tiso CD Giselle. I couldn't choose one song from that CD -- the whole thing is just amazing!
Happy New Year!

MightyMom said...

you've read my blog long enough to know my musical tastes...I'd love to hear what song YOU think fits ME....and I'll come up with a theme song or two

Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh so many songs I just love! Josh Groban. Phantom of the Opera. Brule. Jimmy Buffet. An absolute favorite---Patty Loveless-How can I help you say goodbye! Can you tell I listen to music while I sew?? I also love Celtic music, bluegrass, and a cross section of most EVERYTHING!

Salubrina said...

iPods are awesome. i did the mp3 thing, but the two that i had crashed abd burned on me, and i couldn't make playlists.

iPod rocks. it truly was a lifesaver when i was packing up my house all night. needed something to rock out to so that i wasn't thinking about how much sleep i wasn't getting, ya know. :-)

happy new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my current favorite song.

Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me

Anonymous said...

Alright. Vampire Weekend it is.
I love all of their stuff, but I bet you'll love M79. It's dreamy.

gardenymph said...

Ha! This sounds like fun! Anything by Tori Amos would do for me. Have fun with your new toy! :~)