Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meme and TCB

Karen over at Short Story Long tagged me for a "photo" meme. (Thank goodness she did, too, because I've had precious little to talk about the last couple of weeks!) I'm to find the fourth photo folder on my computer, and post the fourth picture in it, then explain it.

This is a photo of a rogue lily I found over in my side yard, where there's never been one before. I have no others like it anywhere in my yard, so some little critter must be responsible for its existence. I hope it comes back next summer.

So, what have I been up to the last couple of weeks? Well, there's been a long dentist appointment, a staff meeting, a meeting about new insurance, a groomer's appointment for Tandi and subsequent major cleaning session, (looking for fleas), a guild holiday luncheon, a quilting bee potluck, some grocery shopping, thrift shop donation, and the ever-present job--in which I've been kicked in the cheekbone by a dementia patient and called an angel by the fiance of a dying patient all in the same night--but not much Christmassing. I'm feeling overwhelmed.

The tree is assembled and "fluffed" and the lights are on--but nothing else. I did get the yard card set up and a make-shift manger and the 3-foot electric candles in the front yard. No gifts are wrapped, there are about 4 items placed around the house, I have to work 5 of the remaining 7 days til Christmas, and I have to empty the sewing room in preparation for my brother and his wife to come visit a week earlier than usual. And yet, I promised the rescue organization where I bought Tandi that I would make some crate pads to keep the dogs warm this winter. Fortunately, the weather has been unseasonably warm in our part of the country so far, but I'm feeling very overwhelmed, and very tired.

My efforts to Take Christmas Back have failed--I wasn't able to get to the mall to choose a name from the Angel Tree before the deadline, I couldn't find time to volunteer to be a bell-ringer, I bought items for a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child--only to find out it was too late for this Christmas, and I've only made and delivered one batch of cookies. I think I overestimated what I could do, and no matter how good my intentions were, my plans became yet another list of duties, responsibilities, "should-dos". There was no joy in it anymore, and that was defeating the whole purpose.

However, the majority of my list consisted of things that don't have to be done at Christmas--they can be done anytime. My fire department would undoubtedly love a big batch of cookies in January just as much as they would at Christmas. And anonymously paying for someone else's meal might be more welcome after the holidays. I think I'm going to postpone this list for now. Other opportunities may arise that I can fulfill between now and next Thursday, and I will try to keep my eyes open for them, but for now, the best way for me to Take Christmas Back is to not over-commit and therefore spoil it for my family.

I'm hoping you all are having a joyous, but peaceful week.


MightyMom said...

just try to start earlier next year!

it's a great idea sorry you got overwhelmed. But fighting the overwhelming todo list IS taking Christmas back!!

Pat said...

I think you made the right decision and are TAKING Christmas back by enjoying it! 'Things and To-Do' lists will always wait for you! and I think others will enjoy your kindness no matter what the season :)

audreypawdrey said...

I love the picture of the lily and I hope it comes back! I love the idea of pursuing some of the other things on the list throughout the year-you can spread the same joy over the year that way and not just at Christmas. I also think that just enjoying Christmas without stressing over all the things that need to be done is taking Chrismtas back.:)

HarryJack's Mom said...

Great picture, and I can't wait to hear if it comes back! I saw a beautiful handmade advent calendar that had papers placed in each day...if I could sew, I'd turn your TCB ideas into monthly 'treats' for yourself. You're right that most people would prefer them at other times of the year, so I hope it all works out to keep the spirit all year long :-)

Jean said...

I think everyone feels overwhelmed this time of year, I know I sure do. Taking Christmas back is a great idea and maybe better if you do it throughout the year. People always collect food for the homeless shelters at the holiday times. But I am sure they could use things/help/donations all year long.
Have a happy holiday!