Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday at the Movies

One of my absolute ultimate all-time favorite Christmas movies is "The Gathering", which came out in 1977 and stars Maureen Stapleton and Ed Asner. I remember being 2 months pregnant, sitting cross-legged in the floor (yes, that was a VERY long time ago!), making sequined ornaments while the tears ran down my face. Okay, pregnancy hormones were probably contributing slightly, but this story of an estranged husband and wife reconciling and bringing the family home for what was to be their last Christmas together is made for Kleenex.

I know it sounds maudlin, but the crustiness of Ed Asner struck just the right balance. On Christmas Eve, as the oldest son suddenly grasps what his parents haven't told him, Ed Asner opens a Christmas present from his old friend, the doctor.

What was it?

Bonus questions:
What did Ed Asner give Maureen Stapleton?

What did Maureen give Ed?

Usually I say no looking the answers up on the internet, but I will make an exception this time--because I don't think you'll find it there. But the movie was made for TV and was never put on DVD, so if you can find a copy, it'll be VHS. And it's not being broadcast this season.

Umm, yes, I have a copy, a very grainy copy, but no, I don't loan it out!

Answers on Tuesday!

Edited to add: I wrote this Friday night and had it set to post at 7am Saturday morning--and just now, at 3:30 MONDAY morning, discovered it didn't post!!! Boo on Blogger!! Sorry, Libby--it wasn't your old eyes after all!


MightyMom said...

what movie is that? never heard of it!

Pinky said...

Oh, that sounds like a gooood movie! I sure wish it were on dvd.

Pinky said...

Stephanie, I just read what you have typed under the picture of your cocker spaniel(why can't I think of her name?!?), on the left sidebar...about keeping life in perspective. That is beautiful.

Oh, and "cocker mom"....tee hee!

Libby said...

I remember the movie . . . but I don't know the answer (s) What I remember is being mad at that family for not wanting to give the dad a chance. I had been dreaming since I was 5 that my dad might want to come back - but I digress.
Oh, and there are VHS copies available on Amazon. Pricey, but available *s*