Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Signs of Spring

One of our Bradford Pear trees.

It doesn't grow any pears, and has a shallow root system, so will get only so tall and then break. We've lost 3 to ice storms and hurricane remnants since we moved here 4 years ago. But they are the first to blossom in the spring, and the last to lose their leaves in the fall.

This is what it looked like a month ago:

It will have loads of beautiful white flowers in a few weeks.


They come up so early, but just grow tall, and don't bloom til June or so. They are too crowded again and I haven't figured out where to replant some of them, but it won't be long until they are too big to transplant. Gotta decide in the next few days!


I have purple, white, and pink, mostly from grocery store plants that I can't resist bringing home in January.


I planted some new bulbs last fall--we'll see if they come up this year. There are never enough daffodils.

Forsythia buds

Forsythia bushes just say spring to me. I want more of them, too!


I need to cut it way down. Sounds brutal, but it needs to be cut back to about 6 inches high and shaped so all the branches don't grow to the center. According to a lecture I once heard as a Rose Society was pruning bushes at a library, a rosebush should be trimmed between "the ides of February and the ides of March" (2/15 - 3/15)

Hens and chicks

I thought these died in their container last fall, so just dumped the contents of the container off the deck, figuring the dead plant stuff could just be absorbed. Today I was re-filling my bird feeder and caught sight of some green. Guess the little thing didn't die after all, so I better find a sunny place to plant it, and soon.

I see lots of dirt in my future.

Edited to add: Photos of Isabella and Tandi added to the previous post


Catherine said...

Your photos give me hope that spring will eventually arrive! Thank you for sharing!

Rosa said...

Isn't it always so exciting to see new growth even when it's still cold and dismal outside? I am so looking forward to spring!

MightyMom said...

ooo my daffodils are blooming!! you want a place to put those day lillies?? I'm sure I could come up with a couple!! (heehee)

and my hyacinth and lilly are coming up good too...can't wait for the iris to bloom and the cannas to appear out of the dead stems from last year...

I love when the flowers come back!!

Karen said...

My daylillies are sprouting too, when is the right time to transplant them? I inherited them with the house and would love to move them to other beds but I'm not much of a green thumb.

Anonymous said...

the first signs of spring are what keep me from driving my car into the nearest lake! (just kidding, sort of:0)
Can't wait to see your bulbs in full bloom!