Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fasting Journal

I stayed up til after midnight last night so I could get in a last munchie before the fast started. (Last munchie = Monkey Bites) Then I managed to sleep til almost 9am, thinking the longer I sleep, the less I'll think about food.

Trying to stay busy. Watered the plants, harvesting the handful of cherry tomatoes that are ripe today. Usually I eat a couple warm from the sun with a dash of salt, but this time they all go into the bowl in the fridge. The dill is falling over, so I snip the two long stalks so I can hang them upside down to dry. The scent brings pickles to mind and the salivary glands go into overdrive. So I fix a glass of iced tea (with Splenda, not sugar--no nutrients) and crush a couple of mint leaves into it for more flavor. It's not the same.

2:00 pm
Thank goodness it's time to take a nap for work; my stomach is growling loud enough to be heard 3 counties away. I wonder when Aduri's one meal of the day is. Breakfast, so she can get through the day? Lunch, to break the day up a bit? Or supper, so she can sleep well?

5:26 pm
I overslept! J-Man came and woke me up and I had to rush to get ready. I wonder if that is just avoidance or fatigue from not eating? He fixed a glass of tea for me again--I took my blood pressure medicine and my daily vitamin. I know they give the children supplements at the Center in her village--thanks to Compassion. I doubt the adults get them. How do they function?

My hands are shaking slightly, but the headache I woke with is gone. I do feel a little lightweight (!) but not dizzy or anything. I'm counting down the hours til midnight, and hoping I don't make any mistakes here at work.

The headache is back and I'm feeling hollow. It's a little hard to concentrate on what I'm doing because all I can think about is eating something. How do laborers do it on so little? Does it get easier? Do they get used to it?

So I just wolfed down an Arby's and some jalapeno poppers and half a diet coke in no time flat. I was getting a tad irritable and woe to the person who would try to get between me and the refrigerator! But I couldn't eat as much as I thought. And I wonder what it would have been like to only eat maybe a half bowl of rice and start the whole process over again. How depressing that must be.

As for the prayers, well, what does one pray for? Good harvest? Low oil prices? More financial aid? Strength and stamina for those afflicted to survive? Softening the hearts of those who are in control the world over? Greater awareness for the masses? All of the above. And in the meantime, do what I can.

If you decide to contribute to the Global Food Crisis Fund or sponsor a child through Compassion, would you let me know? Thanks.


Jacquie said...

Amazing what we take for granted. Food every day. In my classroom I had so many kids whose only meals were at school. It's so hard to see kids who are hungry. Seems so basic for the rest of us. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

What a thought provoking post! Thank you so much.

We are supporting a local family whose mom is fighting stage IV breast cancer right now, but when they get back on their feet, I believe we will support Compassion. Thank you for sharing your day of fasting.

amandajean said...

my husband and I support 2 compassion children from the Philippines. we have supported one boy for 9 or 10 years. and we just added a little girl to our "family". it's such a great ministry.

Mandy said...

Sometimes as a single mom, I get overwhelmed just supporting my own children. I truly am looking forward to a time when I can afford to support a compassion church. We did this through our youth group when I was growing up and actually got to meet our "kids" when a few of them were adopted by a large family in the United States. I am not sure if it was through compassion or another entity, but that experience shaped my young life, no doubt. Also, may you be blessed with your fast.