Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Poetry

Okay, scroll past this one to the movie trivia if you'd like. This is just a poem I wrote in July of 2000 for a message board challenge. I still like it, and thought I'd inflict it on anyone willing to bear with me.

Summer "Sense-ations"

Morning sunlight dappling my sheets.
Droning power saws and lawnmowers.
New freckles on a child's face.
Mimosa, wisteria and honeysuckle blossoms.
The sweet/sour taste of iced lemonade.

The infinite shades of green in the cottonwood leaves.
Watermelon juice trickling down my chin.
Cocoa butter.
The mesmerising patterns of lawn sprinklers.
Wet earth.

Afternoon naps under the richeting of an oscillating fan.
Airplane trails across a cerulean sky.
The white line between a new haircut and a seasoned tan.
Ripe, warm tomatoes eaten in the garden.
Freshly mown grass under my bare feet.

Hamburgers sizzling on the grill.
Locusts and crickets in symphony.
Buttercup deposits on a little girl's nose.
One last game of hide-and-seek in the deepening twilight.
The confortable silence between long-married couples, broken only by the creak of the front porch swing.


Libby said...

*sigh* Cocoa butter . . .

Jacquie said...


MouseChirpy said...

Beautiful! Perfect to welcome in Summer.

gardenymph said...

Yup, Summer is here! Beautiful poem, evokes a lot of pleasant imagery.