Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Playing Around

I couldn't start another quilt just yet. I needed to just fool around, be a little creative and not adhere to a pattern for a bit. Yesterday added another 50 apron patterns and tutorials to the 54 already posted, and though I'm not much of an apron person, there were some cute ones.

This is my "Daisy Mae" rendition of one of their jeans half-apron patterns:

I had set aside a pair of J-Man's old jeans, thinking I should be able to do something with them. Years ago, I made a wheelchair bag from an old pair of jeans for an MS patient of mine. All the pockets came in very handy when it came time to take her anywhere. But when I saw those patterns on Tipnut, I knew exactly what to do. I even had some bandana-type fabric for the accents, right in my stash.

The ties are just a tad too short for me right now, so I may give it to DD, who's coming down this weekend. If she doesn't want it, someone at work probably will. It's a bit rough, since I was really winging it, but that's what makes it "Daisy Mae."
But that's okay. It was a lot of fun and that's what I was aiming for. Mission accomplished.

Oh, and on another note--I missed my own first blogiversary! I checked today, and my first post was June 21, 2007. This won't do. I must figure something out. Hmmmm....


EDGE said...

Hi Steph,

Congratulations on winning the Arte Y Pico on Pinky's blog!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Cute apron, I'm sure your DD will want it. Aprons are so much fun to make! Well done.

MouseChirpy said...

Happy belated Blogiversary!
The quilt that you put together for your friend in the hospital is beautiful. I'm sure she's going to love it. I'm sending good vibes her way and a prayer or two. I hope she gets well soon.
I L-O-V-E your jeans apron. I have seen many in my lifetime but yours is probably my favorite. It's got a little bit of a western influence to it which I love.
Congrats on the award! You truly deserve it. You're a fabulous quilter and craftsperson and a kind heared human being. The world is truly a better place with you in it.

Kellie said...

Your jeans apron is adorable! I promise it won't take long and you will be and "apron person"!

amandajean said...

that is one cute apron!!!