Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tax Updates

Remember my tales of procrastination--aka TAX SEASON?

Well, we got over $800 back from the state of NC, most of which went to plumbing repairs and H&R Block, but hey, it was necessary. And we had to pay federal about $200. So we figure we broke even.

Then it was time for the 2006 taxes, which were delayed while we waited for a replacement 1099 to come in. Yesterday was another visit to the People ("I've got People" commercial), and I really liked this accountant better. I think I'll make all my appointments with her.

NC is going to refund us over $500.00--and we owe federal over $600.00. Not quite balanced, and we'll get the news about penalties and interest later, so the scales were tipped against us there.

However, I forgot to add insurance premiums to our medical costs for '07, and since I funded a good part of my dentist's rent last year, we were already over the 7% of our income in medical deductions. If I file an amended return, we will get an additional $150.00 back from NC. And the $200 we sent the Feds? They have to give it back, plus about $300 more. Scales tipped in our favor.

But the plumbing had to be fixed and the People must be paid.

So we're Even Steven again.

And that's all I asked for.

Did I mention I still have the 2005s to do?


Jacquie said...

One word only...arrrrrrg!

MouseChirpy said...

Isn't it funny that as soon as the tax returns come in, something around the house needs to be fixed and the money goes right out again. That happens often with us too.

MightyMom said...

how on earth did you get THIS far behind???!!

nevermind don't answer that...good for you getting caught back up.