Saturday, June 07, 2008

Trashed treasures

This morning seemed like a good time to go yard-sale hunting and I haven't been yet this year. I was hoping to find some vintage beads, buttons, laces, etc., but there was only one estate sale going on. However it was in a condo community and the streets were so narrow and parking so non-existent, especially with the "annual yard sale" going on there, I bagged it. Temperatures are soaring into the mid-nineties right now, and I had no desire to park at the entrance and hike the hilly neighborhood. I managed to live without whatever they had for sale.

But I hit a few others and brought home some goodies anyway:
A Christmas garden stake still in the box and with all the pieces:

It originally sold for $26.00 and I got it for $2.00.

Another Christmas gift box, tin bucket, ceramic bag, and tiny tin box:

I try to keep my eyes open for containers for candy and food gifts (containers I'm willing to let go) and these are in great condition.

Here's a closeup of that luminaria-type candle holder:

Cute little spice bottles and a copy of a magazine I've been wanting to peruse before subscribing:

Oh, and see the potato masher? I guess I was more aware of it because of this recipe that I plan to fix tonight. And I'm thinking those little bottles might make great gifts when filled with oil flavored with herbs from my deck garden.

More reading material:

These great plant stands for $5.00--for both:

A vintage, heavy, greenish glass bowl--maybe a fishbowl? I'm thinking of displaying some of my buttons in it, or maybe my collection of marbles--but the marbles might make it too heavy.

And then these:

There's a tablecloth that I might cut down, but might not, and a pillowcase I liked but am not sure what it will become.

The cream-colored item is a window panel, and I don't have a window it fits, but the fabric is so pretty, I was thinking of making it into a tablecloth. Then J-Man suggested it would make nice Christmas bags. Perfect! Since he is unable to use one arm, I have begun making bags with drawstrings or some other easy closure for him to use in giving and receiving Christmas gifts within the immediate family. This fabric will make a couple of elegant bags.

I wish I was one of those folks who can just look at something and instantly see another purpose for it, or envision it transformed into some neat little craft, but I'm not. I'm sure I missed out on some other potential treasures, but all in all, I'm pretty satisfied with today's haul, and I spent less than $25.00. Not too shabby!


MouseChirpy said...

Not too shabby, indeed! You came away with some wonderful finds. Those bottles are beautiful, so many cute sizes and shapes. I'd say you had great success today!

Jacquie said...

Great shopping! I haven't been at all lately. I miss it because I do love a bargain!

Steph said...

WOW, WOW, WOW! I'm inspired to garage sale next weekend for sure!

I would've paid $25 for those plant stands alone.

Nice hunting!

gardenymph said...

Oooh, I love the plant stands! I've given myself a season off of gardening because everything would die from lack of watering, but I would probably have gotten those plant stands too. Good finds! :~)

MightyMom said...

ok, you spent less than 25 bucks.....and you added another bin to your Christmas decorations!!

You silly silly girl!!


love the finds dearie, esp the fabric and the plant stands.....

Libby said...

Nice haul *s* I love Real Simple - been a subscriber almost from the beginning. I don't fall into the normal 'women's magazine' categories - not a fashonista, not a young mother, not a single on the prowl . . . you get the picture. This one didn't seem aimed at any particular group and I finally felt like I fit in.

Perry said...

You found some wonderful stuff! I have never been very good at looking for "trashed treasures", all I seem to ever find is just pure junk. Do like those plant stands and the little bottles. Wonder what was originally in them.