Sunday, November 09, 2008

Angie's Big Idea

Only a few weeks to go until the December countdown to Christmas. How do we make Christmas meaningful this year?

Angie, from Poppy Joy, has a terrific idea. Why don't you hop on over there and check it out? I'll just hum to myself while you're gone.

Back? Okay. I'm going to put my brain to work on this, as I don't have any small children, and see if I can figure out 25 different ways I personally can Take Christmas Back.

How about you?
Are you in?


MightyMom said...

Actually, I don't feel that I've lost Christmas.

It's why all the gifts given outside the home are's why I strictly limit the number of gifts my kids get to 1 from Santa, 1 from MomandDad, 1 in the's why the kids are required to help me make the gifts we's why we gave candy away on Halloween instead of going trick or's why instead of talking about what they want for Christmas we talk about the gifts we're making to give away and who's gonna get's why all my Christmas gifts are acquired or made by Thanksgiving ie BEFORE Advent starts.......

it's a great idea for everyone who has lost Christmas to work on it

and it must be INTENTIONAL and be planned ahead of time, so let us know what it is you decide to do!

audreypawdrey said...

I love the idea of this! I also try to make most of the gifts I give out at Christmas for this reason.

Stephanie D. said...

I don't think I've lost Christmas, either, but I also don't think I do all I can. I believe it's going to stretch me to come up with 25 different ways to demonstrate the true Spirit of Christmas. The other thing I'm leaning towards is that as many of them as possible should be done anonymously. I don't know if I can carry that off for everything, but to keep the focus off me and on Christ, that needs to be what I strive for.