Saturday, November 01, 2008

...and a side of Ibuprofen

Here are those photos of the "wallpaper" you wanted, Mighty Mom. I had cobwebs draped over part of it, but took those down first thing this morning, as Tandi is pretty freaked out by all the new additions to her territory. It's helped for her to see her Momma take some of it down.

I might take more down today, but I'm in no rush--not like I was to get it up! It actually looks pretty good even in broad daylight, and the weather is good, so it will probably stay up through today at least.

For now, I'm going to chillax, as the kids say. Time to catch up on blog-reading, watching a little TV, thumbing through the stack of catalogs that have started pouring in. I'll sip some more of that mulled cider that is still on "keep warm" setting on the crockpot, (I forgot and left it on all night), do some handwork because the sewing room was Halloween Central for a while and is in a state of disaster, and maybe take a nap, even though tonight is time change and we all get an extra hour to sleep. Definitely on the agenda is a hot shower, to wash out the purple and ease these aching muscles.

Maybe I'll even redo my blog page. I do kind of like that the counter reset itself, though.


MightyMom said...

cool stuff! have a great R&R day

Jean said...

Enjoy your resting day...we don't get many of those!

Sue R said...

Hey Stephanie, I've been catching up on my blog reading today, and I had a ball reading all your halloween posts the last few days. What a superb job you did choosing and setting up all the props! I think that's the best halloween theme I've ever seen. My favorite was the pumpkin eating the doll with the blood on it--that was great! Oh yeah, and the throwing up pumpkin, that was good too. Thanks so much for sharing all the photos--that was actually the most halloween fun I had!!

I was sad to read about Tandi, I hope she's feeling better. The gourds were way cool too.