Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie Trivia Answer 11/15

Well, most of you got it right off--Johnny Depp's first movie, first anything, was Nightmare on Elm Street.

I saw that movie again late one night before Halloween, and thought he looked familiar. Watching the credits, I was shocked to find out it was Johnny Depp. Looking him up on IMDB, I was even more amazed to find out just how many movies he'd been in that I never realized: Chocolat, The Astronaut's Wife, Platoon.

He's starting to remind me of Dustin Hoffman--a man of many talents and faces.

Here are a few of the faces of Johnny Depp:

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audreypawdrey said...

I can't believe I actually knew this one! Those pictures are great showcasing how different he looks in all of his different movies.

jacquie said...

he's one of my favs..but of course i wouldn't have seen that one...it's scary!

Libby said...

I just caught the last part of Chocolat again a couple of weeks ago. I urge you to see it - it's a really good movie . . . Johnny Depp and Leslie Caron all in the same movie *s*