Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quiltathon Report

This weekend was Judy L.'s November Quiltathon, and I was happy to be off so I could participate, but I got a late start both days.
However, I did make a little progress.

I've been wanting to make these since before Halloween, but couldn't get to it until yesterday, and today I sewed the stems in place:

They go nicely with the stuffed turkey I bought at last year's Quilters' Boutique, but I've gotten them out of my system now.

About 4-5 years ago, I made DD a flannel quilt for her bed. Like Topsy, it just grew and became double bedspread sized. There was so much I didn't know then--such as you don't need a batting when the top and backing are flannel. This is one heavy quilt! DD has to wash and dry it in a laundromat, because it is so big and heavy. And it really doesn't bother me, because I made that quilt to be used. The cats really love it!

But I put the binding on like borders, instead of one long continuous piece, and I didn't make it wide enough. So it has begun to pull apart in places. DD brought it to me to fix several months ago, so today I sat down to remove a few stitches, thinking I'd just need to secure the binding in a couple of places and that'd be in.

That's when I discovered how ignorant I'd been. Searching through my bins, I found more of the fabric I used for the borders, binding and backing, so I removed the old binding entirely. I need to trim the borders back, because the edges have frayed underneath, and then I'll just rebind it. I'm hoping I have enough fabric to do it right. If not, I'll have to figure out a Plan B.

That's it. That's all the sewing (or unsewing) I got done today, but I've felt guilty everytime I worked on something else, and it feels good to finally decide what needs to be done and get started on it.


MightyMom said...

well, first I really like your pumpkins! all nice and ready for next year! cool stem fabric!

next I made my dad a flannel top and bottom quilt with batting and he loves it as he gets cold in the house....but it's a large lap quilt size...not bed sized. :-)

are you making straight binding or biased binding? sometimes with limited fabric (if it's big pieces) it uses less to make bias...

it's a pretty quilt..what I could see from that tiny pic anyway! (my poor eyes!)

MightyMom said...

oooo it's pretty!

audreypawdrey said...

I like those pumpkins! They are really cute. The flannel quilt for your daughter is very pretty. It sounds so nice and warm, too.:)

Jean said...

Very cute pumpkins!!! will you use them for Thanksgiving?

Your daughter's quilt is pretty too. I think flannel is great, but think it can fray out more after washings than cotton. I made my daughter on years ago and she tells me it needs fixing. Luckily she lives in

jacquie said...

love the pumpkins! it's it neat how we learn and get better at things over time. my first quilt was soo wacky.

Libby said...

What fun those pumpkins are.

Such a stroke of luck to have the fabrics for a new binding - your daughter will be so happy with her new and improved quilt *s*

meggie said...

Hi, saw you over at Wanda's & had to come visit.
Love those pumpkins they look great!
The flannel is so lovely & bright. I am a self taught quilter, so my early mistakes are quite hideous!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Love those pumpkins. I hate sewing anything that isn't "flat" anymore. Well, some of my quilts aren't quite flat! And you're only thinking maybe plan B, what about plan C, and D, and ........yes, that's how it goes some days!

MouseChirpy said...

Love those pumpkins and especially love their chunky, pointy stems. Too cute!