Thursday, April 09, 2009


Wooohoooo! Doin' the Happy Dance!!! The taxes are finished!!! All of them--the '05s, the '08s, and the amended '07s!!!
Next year I'm not going to know what to do; it'll seem so easy! (And so cheap, not doing more than a year at a time.)

AND, I finished the non-sewing project for my friend!

Remember my little orientee from last year? Well, she's from the Philippines and never really learned to cook, though she's picking up recipes from friends. So several of us combed through some of our kid-and-husband-friendly recipes for her and I put them in a 3-ring binder for her.

I found a pad of contemporary card stock at Michael's to insert in the front and back and trim for the end, and then found some coordinating paper at Staples for the recipes themselves--those that weren't already printed out, that is. Then used the computer and some other paper I had to label it.
By using a binder, she can add or delete as she wants to, and by using the sheet protectors, she can pull individual recipes out and not worry about spilling or tearing them.
One of our co-workers is also Filippino and included some native recipes for her:

It took me a while, because I was transferring recipes from the desktop, as well as my index and cookbooks,to the thumb drive and then the mini-computer. I took it to work--and they had put her on call. So I had to stick it in her locker, and hope she gets it! Because she's the only local person I know who reads my blog, I couldn't show pictures before now--and then I forgot to take photos with my digital camera and took them with my phone at work before putting them in her locker. (That's why the pictures are so horrible--makes my hand look like it has leprosy or something!)

Now--to the sewing room with a clear conscience!!


jacquie said...

wooooohoooo! taxes done! what a sweet thing you're doing for your friend.

Lori in South Dakota said...

The recipe book was so thoughtful! And taxes, well, ours were done today. Whew! Another year done. Happy Easter, it's always a relief to get the taxes done! Do a bunny happy dance!

AnnieO said...

You axed the taxes, good work. My late grandmother used to have tax years hanging around as well, piled on card tables. When company came, she'd throw a sheet over the tables and say "its a work in progress"! Miss that lady. Anyway, charming giftie you made there and I hope it was grandly appreciated.