Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Movie Trivia Answer 4/4


I had a crazy couple of nights at work and errands to run before going to bed each morning and totally lost track of where I was, what day it was, and what was my purpose in life.

I believe this can be blamed on the waxing full moon. Apparently it affects nurses as well as patients.

Anyway, Pat came the closest to the correct answers:
The story of High School Musical took place in Albuquerque, NM.
(Although, I'm here to tell you: flowers do not bloom on roofs in Albuquerque in January, folks.)

But it was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Pat, you were off by a movie or two. HSM 2 did have scenes filmed in St. George, UT, but not the original HSM.

Now, unless you have preteen and tween daughters (which I don't), you probably have never seen this movie, and if it weren't for my curiosity to know what all the hoopla was about, I never would have either.

Of course that doesn't explain why I have HSM 2 in a certain red envelope on my kitchen table...

New question on Saturday!

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audreypawdrey said...

I have not seen it yet but have been intrigued by all the uproar around it. Maybe I should add it to the netflix queue.