Monday, July 20, 2009

Deck Garden

Just so you know I CAN grow some things, here are some photos of my potted garden on the back deck. I planted dill, stevia, rosemary, flat-leafed parsley, curly-leafed parsley, mint, lemon balm, chives, and oregano.

I never got around to finding a place for three of my bell pepper plants, so they've been eking out a living in the original flats, with the help of some Miracle Grow in the water. As my harvest has been a little puny to date, I stuck them in some pots to see if I have any better luck there. I had one large pot left, so the others had to go in smaller pots.

Somehow, I ended up with tons of chives--more than I generally use--and some haven't made it into bigger pots yet.

One of the gals at work loves chives, so I'm taking her one of my plants as well as some cuttings from the mint and lemon balm plants. I hope they take root.

Working in the yard and with the veggie garden has taken up so much time, I have been negligent in pinching back the plants so they'd bush out instead of getting so tall.

I already have some stevia drying, and lots of dill. They're hanging upside down from the closet in the sewing room right now, and when you walk in, the room smells like pickles. It's a little disconcerting at first.
This year I planted two pots of basil, and they really took off.

If you haven't been over to, or subscribed to their daily emails, I hope you check them out. One of the recent emails centered on salad recipes:
There are a couple of yummy-sounding pasta salads that might make it to our table this week--especially if they contain basil!

So, what are your favorite summer salads?


cockermom said...

Lemon Balm is wonderful. I love that smell!
Good luck with your plantings, my are kinda ho-hum this year, can't figure what I did different :)

MightyMom said...

what the heck is stevia? sounds like a vision disorder!

my poor roses and daylillies are still in their pots/bucket as I haven't had the time to dig a bed for them....and won't till Sept when the hooligans are at school in the mornings....I'm just hoping they live that long!

Libby said...

Seeing your garden just makes me smile *s*

*karendianne. said...

Favorite Salad? I don't really know. Clean salad though. What I mean by that is "please light on the dressing." I don't like slathered salad. Icky.

But I really, truly, deeply and madly (gosh pull out the Harlequin will ya) luv your garden. That's a lot of joy for you to share with us from what I imagine must be a lot of work. The visuals here had the effect of relaxing me, which was much needed here at LeeHaven.

In gratitude, *karendianne.

Mandy said...

Oh my! Oh my! I am just getting ready to plunge into this. Well not now, being it is darn near August, but hopefully next year. Problem is I know nothing. Nothing I tell you. Can you recommend a book to get me started. I thought about "Growing herbs for dummies" but maybe you know something better :)