Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Trivia Answer -Contest Week 3

Okay, folks, here are this week's answers from the movie, Vertical Limit:

1. Injectable Dexamethasone was the drug carried to combat what potentially lethal condition affecting stranded mountain climbers?
A lot of you said "altitude sickness", which is a side effect of being at high elevations without acclimatization first. And Dexamethasone pills are sometimes taken routinely on high altitude climbs to prevent side effects. But the specific condition they climbers in the movie were dealing with and which required injectable Dexamethasone was "pulmonary edema"--also known as High Altitude Puomonary Edema, and that term was mentioned several times, so that is the answer I was looking for. Pat rented the movie again this week after learning the title, and had the correct answer, so she gets the 10 points. Since the rest of you had the right idea, I'm going to give you 5 points for "altitude sickness."

2. What was Montgomery Wick so obsessed with finding on his multiple trips up the mountain?
His wife's body. She was also a climber, and had gone on a climb with Vaughn (Bill Paxton) several years before, but never returned. Wick kept going back again and again, hoping to find her body.

Of course, he did on this trip.

Bonus question: Dropping the cannister of nitroglycerin was the cause for one explosion on the mountainside, and another was set deliberately. What else caused some nitro to explode?
The heat of the sun.

The first incident was when the extra tanks of nitro, left out of their protective covering at the Pakistani army camp, exploded when the sun moved overhead and shone down through the window. The second explosion occurred when a nitro tank, placed in the shade and snow, leaked the liquid that ran across the snow into the sunlight.
Two of my favorite quotes: Cyril Bench: "One hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest?"
And, once Peter learned Montgomery Wick was only along to kill Vaughn:
Montgomery Wick: Peter, do you know where you are? Above 24,000, you're at the vertical limit, you're already dying. Look at you. You can hardly stand. If you think you can stop me, go ahead.

We had 3 new players this week--Jacquie, Michele, and Donnie!
Jacquie -- 20 points

Michele -- 15 points

Donnie (who reads blogs but doesn't write them (yet)--20 points

Lori -- 5 points

Jean -- 10 points

Libby --10 points

Sarah -- 10 points

Julie -- 15 points

Pat -- 50 points

For this last week, I'm going to watch 2008's The Other Boleyn Girl. This means you have a week to watch the movie, including the 3 days after I publish the questions. You're going to have to hustle to beat Pat, though!

Are you ready?


Anonymous said...

This CRACKED me up! "One hundred thousand sperm and you were the fastest?"

What a great line!

Pat said...

wow! a whole week to watch the movie? Blockbuster, here I come!

MightyMom said...

this is so depressing!