Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Have Winners!

First, here are the answers to week # 4 of the Movie Trivia Contest.

1. How did Anne fall out of favor with the King Henry VIII when they first met?

They went on a hunt, with Anne riding her own horse. When the stag went into the ravine, all were agreed to give up the hunt, except Anne, who rode into the ravine. Not to be out done, Henry rides in after her, falls off his horse, and is hurt.

2. What "talent" did Mary Boleyn demonstrate for Queen Katharine, that supposedly justified her addition as a Lady-in-Waiting?

The Queen, knowing that Mary has been brought to the castle to be the King's mistress, states that Mary must be a "gift" and grills her about her "talents". Mary denies that she can sing, but the Queen humiliates her by making her sing anyway.

Bonus Question: Name 2 of the 3 crimes for which Anne Boleyn stood trial.

High treason, incest, and adultery, and possibly, crimes against God, though it might be that the first three were considered to be crimes against God.

There were no last minute entries last night, so the winners are:

Pat of Bell Creek Quilts, with 75 points!

In second place is Libby of A Simple Girl with 25 points!

Nice job, ladies! I hope you all had fun. Pat, if you'll give me your choice and email me your address, I'll let Libby know what her options are.

Since it's the last of summer, and back to school for some, Saturday at the Movies will be on hiatus until September.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, haven't seen The Other Boelyn Girl. I'd like to, though.

So, job hunting? I totally understand. I just got moved out of a fabulous facility into a...not-so-fabulous facility.

Yuck. I miss my old co-workers. Oh well. I guess that's standard practice when you're a PRN employee.

I hope you have great success in your hunting. You're certainly in high demand, I'd think.

jacquie said...

congrats to pat!! she's pretty great!