Saturday, July 18, 2009

Movie Trivia Contest Week #3

This is week 2 of the Movie Trivia Contest, so to recap, here are the rules:

I will ask 2 questions about a movie each Saturday. Correct answers will be worth 10 points each. Then there will be a bonus question worth 5 points. You have the potential for 25 points each week, with a possible 100 points total by the end of July.

One week this month, I will announce in advance the movie I'm going to watch, so those of you who find you're older than or younger than or have different tastes from the movies I watch, will have a chance just like everyone else.

As always, it's the honor system! You may watch the movie, or you may ask someone else who's seen the movie, but you can't research the answer on the internet.

So that everyone has a fair chance, please email your answers to me instead of using the comments section to answer the questions. I will post my email address at the end of the post each week.

The person with the most points will receive one of three prizes:

1. Coffee-lover's Package

2. Quilter's Package

3. Gardener's Package

Your choice!

This week's movie is an action thriller from 2000, Vertical Limit, starring Chris O'Donnell (yumm!), Robin Tunney, Scott Glenn and Bill Paxton.

1. Injectable Dexamethasone was the drug carried to combat what potentially lethal condition affecting stranded mountain climbers?

2. What was Montgomery Wick so obsessed with finding on his multiple trips up the mountain?

Bonus question: Dropping the cannister of nitroglycerin was the cause for one explosion on the mountainside, and another was set deliberately. What else caused some nitro to explode?

So that no one has an unfair advantage, please email your answers to me at


pragmaticcompendium said...

Bummer - Didn't see this one!

jacquie said...

ok, i've actually seen this one. i might even know an answer...i've got to do some thinking and check our video cabinet...this one might be in there. hmmm...maybe some move watching tonight, though i did have to close my eyes in some parts of this one...that could be a disadvantage.

Libby said...

Oh my - I don't think I've even ever heard of this one *s*

MightyMom said...

is this a REAL movie??

are you SURE??

must check netflix and see if it's an instant play one......assuming it really is a really real movie that is.

AnnieO said...

I don't remember this movie at all! Looks like it was pretty interesting plot/subplot film. Good luck to the participants!

Quilt Hollow said...

Such fun your having here! I tell ya...I've seen this movie but I can never remember much!