Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Time Draws Near....

It's now 10pm here in the Eastern Time Zone--but only 7pm on the Western shores of the USA. Deadline to email me the answers to this week's movie trivia questions will be at midnight Pacific Time, so there's still time to watch the movie!

It's instant play on Netflix, so if you have a Netflix membership, or even if you want one, you can probably still squeeze it in tonght.

Here are the prize packages:

First, the Coffee-lover's package:

It's not complete yet, but that is a $15.00 Starbucks card, a planning journal, and there will be chocolate-covered coffee beans to go with it. (I'll get those at the last minute so they're as fresh as possible). Plus, I usually tuck in a surprise or two!

Second is the Quilter's package:

The book is "Quilts are Forever", a collection of stories about quilts, as well as some John James quilting needles (awesome) and a quilt pattern. (Shown here is one by Terry Atkinson, but I have a couple of others if the winner would like another option.) And yes, usually another surprise or two.

Last is the Gardener's package:

A book of tips entitled "Trowel and Error", a pair of bamboo gardening gloves, and a "garden angel" who encourages us to "bloom with joy." And the surprise or two.

So that you don't believe all is lost just because Pat is ahead, I'm going to give the person in second place her (or his) choice of the remaining two packages. Ha! Surprised you, didn't I?

I foresee a run on Netflix tonight....

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MightyMom said...

sorry babe, I felt so bad there was no way I was gonna be watching a movie last night...sides I'm so far behind I gave it all up as a bad job.

have fun giving stuff away!