Thursday, October 30, 2008

Later Halloween Eve

More pictures:
My front door. If it's not legible, the sign reads: Autopsy Room

Did you wonder what happened to all the doll heads?

This is on the sidelight right next to the doorbell:

Tomorrow, I will activate the motion sensor. Those two discolored teeth will blink red when something moves in front of it. If someone pushes the teeth, a little Beetlejuice-looking creature pops down from his upper jaw and says any of several thing: BOO!, Hey, Whatcha doing there?, etc. Corny, but cute.

Yes, I have green light bulbs in my front porch lights and on either side of my garage door. Here are the torture tools:

You can't see the dungeon wallpaper very well, but I'll get pictures of that tomorrow.

There will also be 3-4 lines of orange lights strung along one side of the driveway and up to the front steps. This will serve 2 purposes: safety and direction.

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You should win some sort of contest. You are the Queen of Halloween!!!!

audreypawdrey said...

I love the wreath of doll heads!

jacquie said...

you should win some sort of boys would LOVE to come to your house.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

LOVE. The doll head wreath.