Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday at the Movies

Have you figured out yet that my favorite movie genre is scary movies? No? Then this must be your first visit!

And if it is, here's a brief background for you. Due to husband's mobility problems stemming from a stroke at a young age, most of our entertainment is from movies. (With the computer coming in at a close second.) We used to go out to the movies a lot more often, but as we have a satellite dish now, we can watch a whole lot of stuff in the comfort of home: instant replay, temperature control, snacks of choice, comfy seats, and no whisperers/gigglers.

So every Saturday, I post some sort of question on my blog. Someone recently asked me how I choose what to ask. I always choose something from a movie I've seen. I don't go hunting up movie titles and trivia questions just for the heck of it. Many times, when I've seen a movie I really liked or an actor or actress who caught my eye, I go researching it, looking up the story behind the plot, especially if it's based on a true story, or finding out what else the person has been in. I'm also a devoted credit-watcher--always the last one to leave a theater, even if we go with friends.

Usually, when I ask a question, it's about something I've watched or rewatched pretty recently. An exception was the Paul Newman question after he died. I hadn't seen one of his movies in a while, but one of my favorites was Butch Cassidy, so I went looking for quotes from the movie, and there were so many memorable ones to choose from.

SO, this leads me to a new rule. If I don't choose questions from movies I haven't seen, I think it's unfair to the rest of you if someone goes researching the answer on the internet. Anyone can do that, so where's the sport in it? Guesses are great. Watching the movie you think is the answer, or contains the answer, is more fun, and you might be able to come up with a better question, one that stumps me. Obviously there's no way to know if you look it up, but in the interest of good sportsmanship, we're all on the Honor System.

AND, (sneak preview here) since Chillers and Thrillers month officially ends on Friday, I'm going to have Saturday at the Movies on Friday next week: Halloween Day. But, since I will be crazy-busy this next week getting ready for all my little spooksters, I am opening it up to all of you to stump ME.

Pose a question, from some scary movie that you've seen, by midnight Thurs. night, EDT, and I will post them on Friday morning. (Since I will be too busy to watch movies that day, it's a pretty good bet that if I haven't already seen the movie, I won't be able to guess it.) And yes, Libby, DH can play for you, since you don't watch scary movies.

I will post my answers by midnight Fri. night, EDT. Then Saturday, you can all come back and laugh at me for falling flat on my face here, and tell us all the correct answers.

Deal? Deal.

Okey-dokey, now to this week's question. This is a quote from one of my top 10 (as if I could narrow it down to 10) favorite scary movies:
(Edited to add):
As she bares her breasts,
"See anything you like?"

Answer on Tuesday!


Catherine said...

I don't watch scary movies but DH loves them. I asked him and he said he thinks it's from Hallowe'en??

Libby said...

Libby's Hubby sez' "Halloween" (as said by PJ Soles?)

Anonymous said...

Oh lord we have no idea over here and Hubby is a big movie buff too! I'd offer my own trivia q, but I HATE scary movies! I'm the kind of person who takes everything at face value, it gets waaay too scary for me LOL! Hows the puppy doing?

Oh, yeah I love sleeping, it's the cleaning of the house that gets pushed aside for the sewing.

MightyMom said...

who said in what movie "I'm your number 1 fan" ????

what movie that was based on a famous author's book was remade into a miniseries. The miniseries left out the most famous line from the movie, which was said by Jack Nicholson

Name a movie starring Jimmy Smits which was about a town in Maine where all the people were made smarter by an alien spaceship that had landed close by.

what movie had this line "It floats....we all float down here." said by a clown

Bonus Question.

What's the 1 thing that is common to all 4 movies??

MightyMom said...

well, I think those were too easy...I'll have to come up with more

jacquie said...

i wouldn't have a clue and since the wizard of oz is the scariest movie i watch (i still cover my eyes when dorothy is looking at the crystal ball and the witch appears), here the question: who was originally slated to play the tin man and why did he have to leave the movie?