Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FlyLady Would be so Proud

Some of you out there are Flybabies too. You know who you are. So you'll understand the heading just fine. The rest of you, take some time and go check her out at is the reason I could downsize and move across the country without the addition of too many gray hairs.

So partly due to the annual autumn-nesting, hunker-down-for-the-winter mode I'm in, whole gobs of hours, and the Current Flinging going on at FlyLady's place, I spent some time yesterday cleaning out the garage. It's not finished, but it's better. On Freecycle I posted a set of dishes, an 8ft wooden drapery pole, a volleyball/badminton set, a Carrom gameboard and table, and finally, our old keyboard, speakers, mouse, printer, and scanner. I was flooded with emails in just a few hours--the set of dishes alone garnered about 10 requests within 30 minutes of the posting.

Tomorrow they will go to a gal whose family is eating off divided picnic plates, and who recently donated 3 boxes of toys, clothes, and a Cars chair via Freecycle. The computer items went to a lady who is trying to start her own business. The Volleyball/badminton set is going to a 50-year-old guy who plays it with his 13-year old, and asked if it came with "liniment", because he refuses to get older without a fight. A lady who recently moved here is getting the drapery rod, and a couple whose grandkids are coming for Christmas picked up the Carrom board and stand.

In addition, once I wrest the CD out of Cyberscrub and erase my hard drive, I will be calling Cindy again to give her the monitor and tower.

Our landfill will go hungry tonight.

And me? I got a little more space and a lot of good feelings.

Oh, yeah--and I got this today:

A little bit of goodness in my mailbox.


MightyMom said...

too, are you sending any liniment??

Mandy said...

Oh I love Freecycle! I am trying to open a daycare in my home and the things I have gotten from Freecycle. I also just got my kids some new school uniforms. Everytime I have something to go, I post it. I finally let go of my daughter's little princess bicycle last week and the little girl that came with her mom to pick it up was all so worth it!

Alycia said...

Wow - what a great feeling to know that all that stuff will be used! Hows the Book?

audreypawdrey said...

Good for you to spread the good things to others who need them! Those look like great books, too. Let us know how they are!