Sunday, October 05, 2008

No Quilting

...done this weekend, but I've set aside tomorrow to work in the sewing room.

The weather has warmed up a lot these last few days, well, in the daytime, anyway--mid-70s. Nights and early mornings are still sweater weather. Tandi and I spent most of yesterday outside. She played with acorns and walnuts and her favorite toy, Squeaky Football, while I dug a 48 foot trench. The front of my house is sectioned off for a flower/shrub bed, but it's very straight and boxy. Not only is that boring, but it makes for difficult mowing, as my neighbor can verify. And the lumber was rotting in places.

So I laid out the hose in a more curvy pattern, dug my 4" deep trench, and got all the front of the house done. I'm figuring 4 more 16ft lengths will be enough to finish it off, but that's going to be another trip to Lowe's. I only had to adjust once, when the plunk of my shovel told me I'd hit the edge of the septic tank.

As the autumn goes on, I'll stack it the same as the area I'm marking off for my vegetable and herb garden, by the driveway. I'm following the directions in this book, Lasagna Gardening, but it'll have to be done in stages, as I need to collect newspapers and/or cardboard boxes.

By spring, it should all be ready for planting. I still need to get my tulip bulbs in the ground, and I wanted some more daffodils, but that was enough working in the yard for one day.

While out there in the sunshine, I opened up all my bins of fall and Halloween items to air out. Last year I had a problem with little moth larvae, but putting whole bay leaves in the bins took care of that.

Today was spent putting it all out, arranging and re-arranging and trying to figure out where to put the summery stuff. Usually this gets done (if at all) only a week or so before Halloween itself, and I'm always so busy trying to get the yard stuff done for the kiddos that I don't really get to enjoy it. By putting it out this early I can see places where I need a little something else, or how to group things a little better.

This little dog came from Cracker Barrel last week.

Isn't he cute? And 25% off, too.

They had one in a witch's costume, but the expression on this one's face melted me.

Remember the wrapped canvas painting I won from BooMama? Well, it went just beautifully above the Hoosier in my kitchen, and these artificial leaves really picked up the colors in the painting:

This old gal is made from an old detergent or bleach bottle filled with something-or-other. I bought her from someone I worked with many years ago; so long ago, I don't even remember who it was.

With the cold in the garage, she contracts a little every year, but a little time out in the warmth of the autumn sun seems to restore her to her original state.

It has the same effect on me.


MightyMom said...

no sewing??!!! good grief!! ;-)

your decorations are lovely.

Sonshine is asking for getting elbow deep in orange muck might be in my future soon!

audreypawdrey said...

Your decorations are looking awesome. I love the ghost dog; he looks like such a sad ghost.

Pat said...

Thank you for the tour of your house and Halloween decorations!

They are FUN! I escpecially like your 'witch' who crinkles up every year :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

you're really into Halloween aren't you...LOL

I don't have your enthusiasum (sp?) as you have about Halloween.

Libby said...

If only I would contract a little by staying out in the garage *s*

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I thought that was a real doggie in the ghost costume!! LOL! I was completely impressed that he was just sitting there with the sheet over his head! I love your decorations, you'll have the most halloweeny house around!