Friday, October 17, 2008

More tidbits

The last two days have been spent running errands and trying to acquire the last of the props for Halloween. I still have a couple more challenges to meet, but for the most part, I am satisfied.

These are my dollar store finds:

The snakes are some kind of foam that I can soak in water for 96 hours and they'll be HUGE! Woohoo! The cellophane package holds 25 flies. I haven't decided if I'll put them all in a jar, with some adhered to the sides, or if I will put some in strategic places--like on that tongue I bought.

And my dungeon wall and rat came in from Fright Catalog:

Thrift store visits yielded these:

I also bought some ugly pumpkins and one smooth one, that unfortunately, I won't get carved until Monday, because I'm working the next three nights. I'm going to have to get it into a warm, dark spot, but the only place I know for sure is the crawl space, and I don't want to go in there. It needs to be carved first, because it will be mostly teeth--a huge mouthful--which need to get all green and moldy by Halloween. Are you disgusted? Good! Just the reaction I'm hoping for.

Aren't they gosh-awful ugly? I'll be buying more next weekend, but I wanted to grab these before they were gone. The small ones might need to go into the refrigerator for a week or so.

While on vacation I finally went to get my driver's license--you know, the one for this state, the state I've lived in for 5 years next week. (Have I ever mentioned I have a slight procrastination problem?) North Carolina will not accept a middle initial--you must have something that documents your whole name, and something that documents your address. Well, I went prepared with my SS card, a certified copy of my birth certificate (which was mailed to this address) and of course, proof of insurance.

When they saw my out-of-state license, they said I'd need to take the written test. Fine, I've been studying. When they saw the out-of-state license has been expired for 14 months, they said I'd have to take the road test, too. Gulp. I haven't taken a road test since I was 16 years old! Fortunately, I passed, but their camera was broken, so they told me I'd have to come back and get the license another day. They said all the information would be in the computer and I wouldn't have to re-take anything, just come in and get the photo done.

Of course, I got busy and forgot. So yesterday I got gussied up, hid the current zit with make-up (what, do you want to see a zit on your driver's license for the next 8 years?) and drove 20 minutes to get to the DMV, where I was told I needed all the identifiers again. It would have been nice if they'd mentioned that in passing the first time! I left in disgust and will make it over there whenever. But you can bet I'm gonna call first.

Just to make sure.

So that yesterday wasn't a TOTAL loss, I came back by the quilt shop and picked up these:

I've depleted some of my oranges and greens, and needed some more for a project I'm thinking about, and those stripes just called to me from the shelf.

And that other picture? Well, I have an idea for a candy corn wallhanging, but it might not get done before Halloween, with all the other things needing to be done, so I won't say any more.

Hope you all have a good weekend! Don't forget Saturday at the Movies--Thrillers and Chillers edition tomorrow!


Libby said...

Oh that NC DMV! I kept my CA license the whole time we lived there - a perk they offer to military families. However . . . we did buy a new car there. Thus began 'The Name Game.' They refused to allow me the use of my middle name. You know, the one my parents stayed up late at night selecting, for it's sentimentality, sound and embarrassment factor. Nope, the great state of NC insisted I drop my middle name and instead use my maiden name - the one that I no longer possessed one piece of identification for, the one that I couldn't wait to change from when I married, etc. NO amount of reasoning would budge them. That transaction continued to haunt me for the 14 years that we owned that car *ugh*

audreypawdrey said...

I love those pumpkins! They are awesome and quite disgusting. You are going to have such an awesome house for Halloween! I can't wait to see pictures of all of it.

Catherine said...

I hope you post photos of your house all decorated for Hallowe'en!
The new fabrics are yummy! I keep saying I'm going to work with some orange -- will have to look for some orange FQ's at the Creativ Festival. :-)

MightyMom said...

well, at least you can cover your zit. last time I got my license pic taken I was 6 months pregnant and pissed off....and HOT it was August and I needed to get the tags for the car...the tax office wouldn't accept the check because the address wasn't right on the license...instead of just letting me change the address on my still valid license the DPS (our DMV) made me pay for a completely new license..picture and all. So my pic shows me after waiting in 3 lines for about 3 hours, 6 months pregnant, sweaty with my hair pulled up any old way and pissed at the world.

It's a lovely picture.

terrificly nasty pumpkins!

oh and come see who won T-T!!

Sue R said...

Aggravating is the least offensive word I can think of when dealing with the DMV! Maine installed a new computerized system in its DMVs, and it worked so well you could plan on waiting in line for about six hours!

You have succeeded in obtaining the grossest, most disgusting, creepy set of Halloween decorations I've seen anywhere. They're perfect! The rat and the flies totally creep me out, but the shrunken apple heads are still my favorite. I too hope we get to see pictures. What fun!!

jacquie said...

you find the greatest stuff...those pumpkins look like they have warts! sooo great. i looked at the movie clue...not even a glimmer. i'll wait to see the answer.

JudyL said...

When we moved to MO in January, 2007, we had about 2 feet of ice on the ground the day I decided to get my driver's license. It took me 3 trips back home to get all the documents I needed. Real criminals know to keep all that stuff with them and it's us innocent goofballs that can't ever get it together! Not that you're a goofball . . but I am! Those are some ugly pumpkins. Speaking of zits .. are those some special type of pumpkins?

Perry said...

Your Halloween will be scary good at the rate you are going, lol. I totally dislike anything to do with getting liscenses etc. I am in the process of trying to get the title to my car; what a nightmare so I can empathize with you on the "rules" you have to follow.