Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Again with the Oops!

Magic Moments Monday slipped by me again. I think it was the all-nighter here at home that threw me off. (By the way, does the title ring a bell with anyone? I'll give you a hint: Jeff Goldblum said it. Or something similar to it. Answer coming tomorrow)

I had a hard time coming up with a magic moment this week. I didn't have any trouble coming up with a couple that made my blood boil; my nature is to see the negative in any given situation, and it's a constant struggle not to give in. Often, I lose. And I am the one who loses.

Re-reading my last post was a good example. I was fretting a little about not being able to talk to the gardeners, or get over to the herb gardens, or take more photographs, instead of simply enjoying the day. And there was plenty to enjoy:

1. Susan drove; I just rode along, not worrying about traffic or directions, etc.

2. Susan has a mini-Cooper convertible!

3. When we actually got our passes and drove into the estate, she put the top down and I just laid my head back and looked right up into the trees as we drove under them.

4. Susan is a great audience; she thinks I'm funny.

5. She is like my husband, in that she can talk to anyone anywhere and enjoy herself. I am too inhibited, too socially awkward, and that makes me self-centered, as I don't take the initiative to find out about other people.

6. She struck up a conversation with the harpist and soon we were all telling hormonal stories and laughing at our common plights.

7. She didn't mind stopping while we walked for me to take pictures or rest my knee occasionally.

So next time I want to go, I think I will call Susan up and make plans. Because it really wouldn't have been as much fun by myself.

{Here's what I mean by Magic Moments Monday: BIG Magic Moments can be few and far between, so let's scale it down a little. It doesn't have to be something that gets you through the week ahead, or a blinding revelation. Just a Moment that brought a little sunshine into your life or someone else's, a Moment that was special to you, made you think, brought a new understanding to you or someone else. I'm trying to become more aware and appreciative of the gift of Life.

Now post about that on your blog, and link back to here, and let us all know you have something to share. We'll do this every Monday [give or take a day or two til this gets to be a Firm Habit with me].}

Your turn!


Perry said...

A small magic moment might be the one that occurred to me this evening when I realized how much my little pice of verbena that I planted last year has blossomed into a beautiful patch of flowers. Maybe I can get a picture of them tomorrow and share with you.

Anonymous said...

...I've made lots of new bloggy friends the past few weeks. That's something to be thankful for.

...oh, I'd love to ride in a mini Cooper. And a convertible one, no less!

MightyMom said...

mini cooper?? it's a car right?? one with 4 wheels and things that blink?? just checking.

my MMM is up but brief. just trying to follow God's plan for my life....it ain't easy.