Friday, April 04, 2008

Listen to the Rhythm of the Pouring Rain

Today was one of those restless days for me. I just couldn't seem to settle down to one thing. I got all the paperwork together (I thought!) for the People at H&R Block, but the appointment wasn't until 4pm. We were also waiting on the plumber to call us back. He's going to need to do some more work, and we didn't know if that would be today.
I wanted to be outside, but it's been raining, and when it isn't actively raining, it's either too muddy to do anything, or I'm asleep. I can see mole hills from the window, but there's nothing to be done about it today. The rain is needed, no doubt about it, but could I please have just one sunny day when I don't have to be somewhere else? Sigh.
Remember this from about 6 weeks ago?

Now look:

Feb. 26:

April 4:

(No, it hasn't rained continuously since then, but it sure seems that way.)

Doesn't it just make you want to be out there? Except for the rain, of course.

J-Man was on the computer and watching some of his endless number of taped shows. Reruns on DVR. BORING. I wandered into the sewing room, but didn't want to get started on something and have to stop for the plumber, or my appointment. There are 5 or 6 new books on my shelves and the latest Quilter's Home just came in, but I can't seem to concentrate on reading right now. (Don't you hate it when your kids act like me?) Looking out the sewing room window, I noticed the new bird feeders I put out last week were getting low. Hmmmm, that would kill a few minutes. So I sloshed outside between showers to refill them and look who came to dinner!

Carolina chickadee

Mourning Dove

Cardinal, the NC state bird:

I think this is a tufted titmouse:

This might be a grackle;

Some are camera shy:
(purple finch or song sparrow?)

And some love to pose:

Some prefer the tubular feeder:

Some want a little more solid footing:

And others prefer to search the ground for extras:

Some just can't decide:

And some just want to observe:

I think this is the most variety I've seen in one day, and then we saw one at the backyard feeder today we've never seen before. Neither of us has found a picture of it online, yet, but we're still looking.

Some days it's hard to get any sewing done for stopping and watching these little guys. Literally: guys. Most all of them are strikingly marked, so they must be the males, right? I wonder if the females are already nesting? I've put out some threads and bits of batting and tiny strings of cloth on the bushes, but can't tell that any are gone yet. Maybe it's a little late to do that, or maybe they prefer other materials. I think I'll research it a bit.

Oh, and somewhere I saw an article on the kinds of trees and shrubs to plant if you want to attract birds and butterflies to your yard. Since we've lost 4 or 5 trees in the last couple of years, we might as well replace them with critter-friendly greenery. We should start a list.

Soon the hummingbirds will be back. Time to clean their feeder and find my recipe for the nectar they love. It used to be with my recipe cards, but I didn't see it last week when I put them all in my new rose-patterned box. The formula is probably on the internet somewhere.

Excuse me, but could I please take the rest of the spring off? I have so much to do.....


Jacquie said...

All these birds in one day...amazing. Even with the rain, they're a bit of sunshine. Can't wait till our hummingbirds come back. Love to watch them!

MightyMom said...

could be my birdfeeder! we have a bunch of the same types. That first cardinal was a female or a young male I think as it was more dusky.

the black hat chickadees are my favs....I've seen some stranger ones too, like vireos... the most fun were the baby mockingbirds...didn't know who they were till I saw their wings spread! When I was home on bedrest last spring I would sit with my bird book and try to name all the types of birds I feed....a big job as we get quite a few. I'll have to dig out my book next time I'm home and see which ones we had. Nowadays I'm asleep when the birdies come a calling. Except for the purple martins in the house outside...I hear them often.

Libby said...

Love those winter/spring pics. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics, Stephanie. I feel restless when it rains a lot, too. I love the rain, but not continuously. I couldn't hack it in the Pacific Northwest!