Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, heck. Not only did I miss Magic Moments Monday, I missed Tuesday, too. I think the rain waterlogged my brain. But today has dawned beautifully sunny and warm, so I am going to catch up here, and post a Magic Moment anyway.

Slight revision: BIG Magic Moments can be few and far between, so let's scale it down a little. It doesn't have to be something that gets you through the week ahead, or a blinding revelation. Just a Moment that brought a little sunshine into your life or someone else's, a Moment that was special to you.

For example, yesterday I got up after a 3-hr nap (after working the last 2 nights) and went for a much-needed haircut. It was another cloudy, sometimes misty day, just like the many we've had over the last 3 weeks. Several of us were sitting in the waiting area, and as the shop is semi-open, you can see about 4-5 stations from the door as well.

I was reading and not paying much attention to those around me, when a male voice said, "Smile, ladies! Everyone looks so solemn."

I looked up to see a tall, older gentleman, having just had his hair cut, standing near the door, a big smile on his own face. It was hard to resist smiling back.

He went on, "One of those Italian romantic poets once said, 'A beautiful woman without a smile is like a rose without a fragrance.'"

And then he was gone, leaving women in various stages of beauty-making all in smiles.

Your turn!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, what a gentleman!
We should all smile more often. It makes us look younger, and goodness knows that we have more than enough reasons to smile.