Thursday, April 10, 2008

Most Amazing Mom

You know, I thought I had it rough when I had to push a stroller for my daughter and a wheelchair for my husband when we went to the mall many years ago, but that was nothing compared to what this mom has to do every day:

Edited 4/13 to add: Well, darn it, I can't seem to forward the video from my computer and can't forward the address from my friend's email. Since you can't see it, let me tell you: it was a news spot of a woman with no arms, I mean NONE, not even at the shoulder, who is married and raising a baby boy. You should have seen her change his diapers with her feet. AND pick him up. And drive and go through a drive-in window, etc. If I can ever figure out how to load this up, I'll repost.


Cookie..... said...

Stephanie, you don't know me, my name is "Cookie" and I'm a friend of MightyMom (Sarah). I left a response comment over at "AfrikanKelli" which pertains to "Mr. Cash's" comment regarding your comment. BTW, nice home-spun, cozy blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't read it b/c the website wanted a password.
Steph, I visited african kelli's blog, read your comment. Way to go.

Perry said...

I have seen this before, and it is amazing how this woman is able to do all of the things she does.