Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movie Trivia Answer 9/27

Wow, I was surprised that so many of our younger readers got this one! Just goes to show this was a classic, huh?

Yes, the movie was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

And the line was said by Etta Place (Katherine Ross) who was supposed to be Sundance's girlfriend, but after that bicycle scene with Butch, shifted alliances somewhat.

I gotta tell you though, good-looking as Paul Newman was, it was Robert Redford who gave me palpitations;

That man could eat crackers in my bed anytime.

For October I'll be featuring Chillers and Thrillers, so even though you won't participate, Libby, you can still come visit! lol

New question on Saturday!


Libby said...

Ah just because I don't watch them . . . you never know what I might know *s*

Gill - That British Woman said...

Stephanie........I had a question for you.......I deleted the post on the message from the queen, as I didn't want to tick of the people in the States..........but you found it funny. So you think it would be alright for me to put it back on my blog? Answer me on my blog, I just won't post your answer, as I moderate all my comments.


By the way I was rolling with laughter at it, especially the Kansas remark. Did you also read the link about the column in the British Newspaper the Telegraph I posted that was really funny. I nearly peed my pants at that one.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Paul Newman girl myself; he aged soooo much better than Redford, who went all kinda lumpy. He was wonderful in the Great Gatsby, though.


Steph said...

kick of all the covers in the middle of the night?

sleep with the windows open wide?

umm... yeah. RR could anytime. :)