Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday at the Movies 6/20

Here and on time!

This week's question is concerning the movie "Places in the Heart", an Oscar-winner starring Sally Field, Danny Glover, and John Malkovich.

How does Edna (Sally) meet Moze (Danny)?

Bonus question: What does Mr. Will (John) do for a living?

Answers on Tuesday!


*karendianne. said...

Gosh this is really getting to be fun!

AnnieO said...

I don't remember exactly how Moze meets Edna but I do know the bonus question! Does that count?

Libby said...

Oh gosh I loved this movie, but I haven't seen it in years. Better add it to the Netflix queue *s*

*karendianne. said...

Yes, that's what I meant by "getting to be fun." I can see what I haven't seen and add it to my queue. :) My comments... well they aren't always the best.

AnnieO said...

Well I still don't know how Edna met Moze, but I know that blind Mr. Will caned chairs for a living.

One of my favorite movie scenes/dialogue of all time is when Mr. Will asks Edna what she looks like and she describes her long hair, and her slightly buck teeth, "I sucked my thumb a long time", how she wished she had blue eyes but her sister got those. She finally says, "I'm no great beauty, but I'm all right". Great thing for each of us to say to ourselves, I think!