Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Halloween is coming! This year's theme is Mad Scientist's Laboratory. I've got some ideas and have been halfway searching yard sales for props, but the search starts in earnest now.

I'm looking for odd and large jars and bowls for specimens. In a month, I'll start carving apple faces to dry, but not sure what else I can use for body parts.

Also on the list are some old lab coats--the more stained, the better. And maybe old rusty yard tools.

I'm hanging bones from the trees this year, but I think I need to buy another bag. Anatomical Chart Company used to sell them pretty cheaply, but their prices have gone up. Ebay has some, but those are mostly foam, and the plastic ones are pricey, too. This might require some real searching.

Maybe I can get some old lab equipment and old x-rays from work, as long as no names are visible.

What do you think? Suggestions welcomed and appreciated!


Pat said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween at your house! I used to have a plastic skeleton but he got lost in a move...perhaps DH helped him find the circular file?

Have you tried the dollar store or goodwill for odd size jars?

audreypawdrey said...

That is a fabulous idea for Halloween! It sounds spooky indeed.

Jacquie said...

sounds like my kind of halloween! i haven't decorated for halloween since we moved into the city. hmmm...mad scientist's lab..could be pretty ghoulish!

MightyMom said...

ooooo I've been waiting for this post!!!

body parts huh??? mmmm have to get my thinker on for that!!

got to be good...you went to that picnic and found out you have a reputation to uphold!!!!!

what I'm thinking is Professor Snape's office with weird things floating in different colored potions all over the room.....is that what you're thinking??

Anonymous said...

check with some butchers for bones.
you are the Halloween QUEEEN!!!

MightyMom said...

OH, ok, the brain turned on.

search yard sales for dolls in bad condition....take them apart for arms...legs...etc. you could even have experiments in progress...an arm stuck in the neckhole of the head.....

I told you the jars of colored jello with stuff floating mid jar right?

you could draw odd "xrays" on black posterboard..then shine a "black light" on them to make em glow.

have a half dug up grave somewhere....do you still have the hazmat dummy from last year?? new clothes and a table....or is that too similar??...........maybe just an arm sticking out

how about those fake fingernails you can buy as a set?? They'd look good floating in a jar

a little desk vignette? looks like the mad scientist just walked away...chair askew...coke bottle glasses on top of scattered piles of papers (glue em together in a mess to keep em from flying all over your yard) pens/ pencils...a jar or two of icky stuff....xray poster glowing to one side....a ball of rubber bands...a ball of tin foil (don't ask ME why) oh. remember rabbit ear antennae? with foil on the ends??????? bet you could find some at goodwill. stick the antennae on top of a really old looking radio thing...or on the bottom of an upside down collander.....OK. I've seen Young Frankenstein too many times.

I"m thinking.

MouseChirpy said...

I'm impressed! You really go all out for Halloween. As soon as you mentioned specimen jars, I thought about jars filled with eyeballs. LOL Just a thought about the xrays...Maybe you could label each one with the names of characters from well-known horror flicks. Good luck with finding the elements for your Halloween Spooktacular.