Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tomorrow is Jenny's baby shower at work, and I've been trying to get this quilt finished, but I've been running into all kinds of obstacles, not the least of which was me. At any rate, I have it pieced and sandwiched (which is always a challenge) and don't know what to do about the quilting.

Here's the quilt:

I only have a Bernina 1130, not a longarm nor one of those with a wide space, and I've only done straight lines, echo, or played with free motion quilting before. I have never marked a quilt pattern, either, so not sure I can do that. I was thinking along the lines of hearts, something simple, but with it being a modified rail fence, the hearts would be confined to the wider parts, and then what would I do with the narrower rectangles? And the hearts would be all different directions--no continuity.

My husband named the quilt "Butterfly Kisses", and the backing is the same as the butterfly print in some of the large rectangles.

I was put on call from work tonight, which means I could get called in any time between now and about 6am. So I'm going on to bed early, because if I don't get called in, I can get up about 0600 and start quilting and hopefully get it finished, bound, washed and dried in time to get it over to the shower at 3pm. (Yeah, sure.)

And if the unit decides they just can't function without one more nurse, at least I'll have an extra nap in so maybe I can stay up when I get home. (Ditto.)

Any ideas?



Salubrina said...

ok, you lost me at pieced and sandwiched. i am not a quilter by any means, but i do admire them from afar.

i won one in a raffle once. it was at an event that has special meaning to me, and the quilt is just beautiful.

good luck finishing all the upcoming tasks at work and with your lovely quilt.

HarryJack's Mom said...

Oh, it's beautiful - I love that butterfly material, especially. Great job naming it, Mr. Scraps! No help here, either, tho I wanted to second the good wishes for finishing it.

Karen said...

Okay, I was going to be no help either but I see you haven't gotten ANY tips so... what about some big butterflies with echo quilting around them, like their wings' movement? If it were me and I wanted to do hearts, I'd just go outside the lines! Good luck; hope you post a picture when you're done!

MightyMom said...

babe, you have till TOMORROW to finish it!!

I'd just echo the rail fence zig/zag throughout.

straight lines go faster than curves...I learned this the hard way.

Stephanie D. said...

Hmmmm, maybe you're right--ignore the lines altogether. Maybe I should turn it over and do big hearts and butterflies from the back and not worry where they fall. I'm going to get my coffee and ponder that.
Thanks, Karen!

Stephanie D. said...

Yeah, MM,but I didn't get called back in, and it's 6 am and I START
VACATION TODAY!!!! WOOHOO!!! More about THAT later!

Kathy ~~~ said...

I agree with MIGHYMOM. Beautiful quilt! Enjoy your vacation!